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April 2017: We are pleased to announce a new update of our data. We have now added the sources with printed staves and/or music notation from the years before 1500. In addition, many copies from the period 1500-1550 have been inspected in person. These files are being refined constantly and will be uploaded at regular intervals.


Welcome to the website for the project Music printing in German-speaking lands: From the 1470s to the mid-16th century.

This project builds upon the FWF project which ran from 2012-2015: Early music printing in German-speaking lands: Technical and repertoire development. The current project extends the investigation in two directions: backwards to the beginnings of music printing, and forwards to 1550. By its end, detailed data on the first seventy-five years of music printing will be examined in detail and presented in this online database and in scientific publications.
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